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are you planning for a trip abroad?

today, more and more filipino families are slowly discovering the affordability of going on vacation outside the country. specifically, travelling abroad is fast regaining its popularity amongst filipino tourists. this is primarily as a result of one factor: vacation packages! that's right, demand for vacation packages abroad have gone up in recent years.

herod itinerary consultancy is one of the forerunner in offering flexible package selections that allow you to pick the number of days; options for transfers; and also the accommodations, and so on.

if you too have plans for a trip abroad, to visit one or all of the leading tourist destinations the world has to offer, the best way to maximize your visit is through our international tour packages. these are preplanned and prearranged vacation packages that consist of everything important to complete the vacation. on the other hand, to the uninitiated, the selections can be really bewildering. in case you have no concept where to start, please allow us to assist you choose the best vacation package.

commonly, our tour packages supply the following: accommodations, transfers, free breakfast, and access to the major theme parks in your destination. it also includes a lot of discounts and freebies thrown in. so our tour packages provide much more, for the same cost. your youngsters will appreciate free stuff and your wallet will appreciate the savings.