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so, you want to go on a cruise!

cruises offer many activities which are set apart from any other getaway. for most of us, however, cruises may come once in a lifetime and planning for your perfect trip may seem stressful.

herod itinerary consultancy is here to answer your questions and with our extensive experience in creating and booking travel packages for different types of cruises, we can make sure your cruise experience is one you will surely treasure.

we can provide you details on what types of shipboard amenities and amusements will be available. this also saves you a great deal of time, since you can compare the merits of more than one cruise line for your trip. we can provide information on the activities, on board shopping and entertainment options, and other key elements of life on board with ease. since you can consider the options side by side, making a decision on which cruise to take will be a snap.

as a seasoned travel agent we know what you need and what you can or cannot do in connection with a given cruise itinerary, and advise you in advance. should you need to cut your trip short, we can cancel any remaining legs of the trip you will not be able to take, and process alternative plans to get you a quick flight home.

planning a cruise can be more time consuming due to all of the additional variables to consider. since you will be at sea for a number of days at a time, it is even more important to select the perfect cruise that you will be one hundred percent happy with. so let us help you.